At Brake Masters, we are experts at front-end repairs and alignments. Your car’s tires are an expensive part of the vehicle. In order to protect that investment and to ensure greater safety, your car’s alignment, suspension and steering components should be checked often. We can quickly check out the condition of these systems and make recommendations based on tire wear and the visual examination of the front end to determine if you need an alignment or repair.

A car’s alignment is important to the way your tires wear and your vehicle handles. Three basic components of alignment are; toe, caster, and camber. The three can cause differing symptoms when they are out of adjustment, but together need to be right in order for your car to perform well.

The condition of shocks and struts are also very important to the way your vehicle handles, and even braking can be affected by bad shocks or struts. Unlike some problems with cars, the gradual deterioration of these ride control products is sometimes overlooked. Unlike a flat tire where the problem is noticed right away, the change in the way your shocks or struts work is so gradual it often goes unnoticed.