All About Your Oil

What’s The Difference Between Synthetic Oil And Conventional Oil?

When we get our vehicle’s oil changed, we sometimes forget to ask what type of oil they are putting in our vehicle’s engine.

There are two types: synthetic oil and conventional/regular oil

Conventional oil is the good old fashioned oil that is processed from crude oil pumped out of the ground. Synthetic oil was developed in the 1960s. It is a chemically modified oil that was developed in a lab.

There are two types of synthetic oil – base stocks and semi-synthetic oil. Base stock oils are man-made oils that are purely synthetic. Semi-synthetic oil uses a blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil.
Which is better, synthetic oil or conventional oil?
You should put your money on synthetic oil for the following reasons:

  • Synthetic oil operates better under any driving conditions
  • Synthetic oil promotes longer engine life
  • Synthetic oil reduces evaporative loss
  • Synthetic oil circulates better than conventional oil
  • While synthetic oil is great, there are some who think conventional oil works
      just as well.