Brake Checks

What To Do If Your Brakes Squeal, Whine or Clunk
Are your brakes squealing, whining, clunking, or otherwise causing strange noises?

While these sounds can be quite annoying, they work as an excellent warning system that there is something that needs to be fixed immediately before more serious problems occur.

You have a few options if your brakes start to make noise.

Get help– Strange noises are a sign that your brakes need to be fixed. Don’t let the thought of expensive repairs scare you, as many times an inexpensive and simple repair is all you need. And, the first place to get the help you need is Chapman Mobil Auto Repair of Orange®. With a routine Free Brake Check, Chapman Mobil Auto Repair of Orange® can quickly identify if you have any of the following problems:

    Worn brake pads
    If your pads are too worn from excessive use they will need to be replaced. You can attempt to do this yourself or go to your local Brake Masters.

    Loose nuts and bolts
    Oftentimes a problem might be caused by just a few loose nuts and bolts. If you locate anything that seems loose, tighten it and your problem may disappear.

    Other problems
    Inspect the brake lines and disks for anything that seems damaged or out of the ordinary.

Never let your brakes go unchecked when they start to make weird noises.

When in doubt, consult Chapman Mobil Auto Repair of Orange®. Chapman Mobil Auto Repair of Orange® are the brake experts. They have seen every issue, and can fix your brakes quickly and affordably.