The team at Chapman Mobil Auto Repair of Orange knows exactly how important your braking system is for the safety of you, your family and any other precious cargo you may be carrying. That is why we use only the highest quality brake parts and fluids that are designed specifically for your vehicle!

ASE-Certified Master Technicians
Our technicians are extremely well-qualified to work on your vehicles and their braking systems. Employing ASE-Certified Master Technicians means you and your vehicle benefit from the hundreds of hours of training courses, and thousands of hours of real, hands-on training and experience that our professional auto repair technicians have under their belt.

Chapman Mobil Auto Repair of Orange will inspect:

  • Rotors
  • Vacuum Line Break – Brake Pads
  • Bad Linkage/Cables – Usually identifiable by issues like hard shifting, soft shifting and sometimes even no shifting.
  • Bad Solenoid – Usually a bad solendoid affects single gears or a group of gears like 2nd and 4th or 1st thru 3rd. These are fairly easy to replace, especially when mounted on the outside of the transmission.
  • Computer Problems – Even your car can have a computer problem bad enough to call in for tech support! Modern vehicles have more electronics and computing power than the space shuttle.
  • Bad Fluid / Old Fluid – Many times, simply flushing and replacing your transmission fluid will alleviate many minor transmission problems like slipping, soft shifting and erratic behavior.